Project Description

Project Brief

Clearpath Consulting Group was looking for an update to their website. They wanted a cool, updated, responsive look that reflected their branding. Brill Creative Group was called in to give them just that. Through strong, animated graphics to clear calls-to-action we believe we accomplished that task.

Almost every element of the website is animated. You simply can’t look away. The graphics are a real attention grabber here. The use of strong, bold orange and blue colors are not only reflective of their branding, but they create a strong contrast throughout the website. One of the things that we were most proud of on this website build was the way the parallax backgrounds functioned – they were actually composed of three different graphics that blend seamlessly into one. You can see exactly what we mean here.

Brill Creative Group was also tasked with creating new business cards to reflect the branding of the website.

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