Project Description

Project Brief

HS Brands International is one of the leading mystery shopping, loss prevention and compliance auditing companies in the world…however, their website didn’t really reflect “top level.” Brill Creative Group was tasked in giving their website a much needed redesign that reflected the level of clients they represented. We also implemented a translation plug-in since they are indeed “world-wide.”

The site is translated into 7 different languages utilizing a plug-in called “Weglot.” Out of the box, it works quite well. When a user clicks the different languages, every element of the site is translated appropriately. It was BCG’s first time using these services and we were quite pleased at the ease of use and results. The previous iteration of the website did not have these capabilities.

Brill Creative Group also created a fully responsive website which they didn’t have before. That means their website is now viewable on all devices (smart phones and tablets). Everything formats quite well, in our opinion, on these devices. This allows them to reach an audience that they could not before and also increases their “SEO Rank.”

Another fun feature that was implemented was the use of a pop-up box for service inquiries (like our “Newsletter Signup” on this site). This feature has worked quite well and there has been hundreds of new inquiries since implementing this service. We also animated elements of the site that add an interactive element to the site.

All in all, we are quite proud of this site and continues to bring HS Brands International the attention that they deserve. BCG was also tasked to create business cards for the company executives and was put in charge of branding their social channels as well.

You can visit the site here.

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