Project Description

Project Brief

Don’t let its simple looks deceive you. There’s a lot going on in the backend of the site. Brill Creative Group was tasked with programming dynamic code that involves minimal work on the client’s end.

This site scours the web in search of the latest cell phone values and populates the site with the latest information accordingly. It also integrates a custom payment system and generates proper shipping information and labels for each particular product.

Since the cell phone game is a very crowded market, good SEO is paramount. Every aspect of this site was keywords and labelled accordingly to optimize the traffic this site would get. As with any online business, if you don’t get the traffic, you don’t get the sales, but this one has been successful due to our efforts.

Brill Creative Group was also tasked with creating a logo (see right) to support their branding efforts.

UPDATE: Since BCG was involved – this business was sold to another company – and we would like to think that it had to do with how well we did on the site 😉

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